Photo Gallery of St. Gemma

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Saint Gemma at age 7
Aerial photo of Lucca, Italy
Volto Sancto, the miraculous Holy Face of Lucca, Italy
Photo of clothing belonging to St Gemma Galgani

Saint Gemma's holy card photograph
holy cards owned by st gemma
A quilt made by ST GEMMA
Image of St Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother

The tomb of Monsignor Volpi
The room where St. Gemma received the stigmata
Saint Gemma's instruments of discipline
The back brace St Gemma wore until she was miraculously cured

Saint Michael's Church in Lucca, Italy
Photo of Father Germanus, St. Gemma's spiritual director
The Gianninis, St Gemma Galgani's second family upon being orphaned
Holy card of St Paul of the Cross

The clock used by St. Gemma
Saint Gemma's writing box
The miraculous Angel Letter Box
The dinner table of the Giannini family and Saint Gemma

St. Gemma's room in the Giannini home
Photo of Mother Giannini
Blood from St. Gemma's penitential scourging
Miraculous crucifix in the Giannini home

St Gemma's diary,
The well where Saint Gemma escaped evil
The Passionist convent in Lucca, Italy
The Blessed Virgin, the last image St Gemma say in her short life.

The badge and crucifix of the Passionist Order in Lucca, Italy.
The tomb of Father Germanus
The tomb of Saint Gemma Galgani in Lucca Italy
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